GOQii in depth review after 1 year of use: OLD GOQii vs NEW GOQii

Keeping track of what we do can significantly improve our health. Self-tracking can actually make us follow a healthier diet, sleep better and exercise more– simply by letting us know the areas we need to improve and if we are actually improving them. Fitness trackers provide this feedback in real-time.

Why Fitness Trackers are Required?

  1. You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself.
  2. They’re Habit Forming.
  3. They Motivate.

Fitness trackers are the order of the day, but getting the right tracker is the main concern, there are many unbranded cheap Chinese tracker bands are also available in the market but they don’t last long. If you want something that lasts long, at least, a year then there are many brands available with the higher price tag but again they provide six months to a year warranty and the decent quality.

GOQii is one of them, it gives you back what you have spent to buy it in the form of personal coach service. I have not tested many fitness trackers but yes I have used the most popular main three known MI band, GOQii, and the Fitbit. Here I will share my experience with the GOQii band.

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My Experience with GOQii

The first thing I would like to tell you about GOQii is “GOQii not a band, but It is..” 😀 I mean they are actually service provider, and being service provider they charge you for every single thing. You can’t even use their app without having a GOQii id. You can’t create a GOQii id without purchasing the subscription and this is why you get at least 3 months of FREE subscription with the band so you can create an ID and know how subscription works, and what all services they provide. If you have paid and made a GOQii id and in future, you want to change your email again they will charge you Rs 999 just for a simple email id change(They call it account transfer). Another thing I noticed is I always get marketing messages from the GOQii even after I have DND on my number.

Update - 2016.03.20I’m happy to see that GOQii is listing customers, they read my review and told me that I’m using a very old version of GOQii band then they offered me an updated version of GOQii core and 2 straps as a service gesture. They have also updated the app and added an option to change email FREE of cost.
Update - 2016.04.11I have received the new GOQii 15 days back, I used and compared it with the old GOQii, the first thing I noticed is the strap quality and design improved a lot. Unfortunately, the GOQii core(device) is the same as before so I won’t say anything on that, and the app is improving day by day. So far so good. I have attached pictures of new and old GOQii so you can see what all got changed.
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GOQii Review

Let’s come to the pros and cons of GOQii, I’m dividing it into four main parts which make GOQii complete:

  1. Service
  2. Device
  3. Strap
  4. Mobile Application

Let’s begin again it

GOQii Services

As I said they are service provider so here is my experience with GOQii service.


  • You get at least 3 months of FREE GOQii subscription with the device.
  • Coaches are well trained, qualified, and understanding.
  • Excellent support over the call and by messages.


  • Expensive subscriptions.
  • They charge for every single thing even for an email change you will have to pay Rs.999
  • They send spamming messages even you are on DND.

GOQii Core (Device)

GOQii calls it GOQii core.


  • Lightweight(~25gm with strap)
  • Comes with a subscriptions-based model.
  • Earn karma and donate your Karma Points to your favourite causes
  • OLED display with touch support.
  • Bundled with the two good quality straps.


  • It is the least accurate among all three(Mi band, Fitbit, GOQii) I have used.
  • Bulky size(height), yes the size of this band creates the problem at times.
  • It really goes crazy, if you go for a shower with it.

GOQii Strap

GOQii has solved all issues with its old strap and upgraded it nicely, now GOQii ships with these new straps only.


  • Now you CAN’T lose it easily(Now it has a good locking mechanism).
  • ~25gm weight is same as before(strap and device)
  • The design is good and seems durable.


  • The strap is the dust magnet.
  • The inner side of the strap doesn’t feel good at times as it is not smooth it has some lines for a better grip(Check picture).

GOQii Mobile Application

Update - 2016.05.07App Version 1.2.73: Now GOQii app supports Google Fit sync partially, It takes steps counts and activities from Google Fit but GOQii doesn’t send steps count and data to Google Fit which is more important.

Based on App Version: 1.2.71 (11-04-2016)


  • Chat with Emoji support (You can chat with GOQii friends and coach).
  • Connect with many apps like Fitbit, All MapMy Apps, Runkeeper etc.
  • You can access all basic GOQii stuff easily.


  • In the app, most of the stuff are web-based, which makes the app slow.
  • No support for most popular apps like myfitnesspal, google fit etc.
  • No options to customize the notifications, not even calls and SMS, if you turn notifications on, GOQii will throw each and every notification happening in your notification pane like Poweramp, WhatsApp, Facebook, hangout, everything. Your GOQii will go crazy if you have a network monitor app installed on your phone.
  • Very poor design and UI, I won’t call it a user-friendly interface.
  • Sharing doesn’t work, only shows a blank page when try to login. (Connect with FB and twitter)

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Download GOQii Application

Download GOQii App for Android

[appbox googleplay appid=com.betaout.GOQii]

Download GOQii App for iOS

[appbox appstore appid=904934770]

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8 Total Score
Value for Money

For the price tag GOQii is an excellent choice to buy as you get FREE subscription worth equal or more amount with the band but before buying it please do check out the bad things about the device and their services. If you are low on budget and can't afford GOQii subscriptions I would recommend you Mi Band instead. Mi Band comes without display, but it is cheaper, lighter, good inbuilt quality and battery lasts at least 30 days, overall, I find it better than GOQii if we remove the subscriptions and the display.

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