Cyclone Cup Review: A Solid Shaker that Doesn’t Leak

I have used so many shakers in past after starting the gym. Most of them, have a common problem of leaking shaker those does not have that leaking issue do not mix well. So, both kinds of shakers are useless. A shaker must have these two qualities which make shaker a shaker.

The Cyclone Cup is proven to mix better than today’s leading shaker bottle, thanks to a revolutionary Cyclone mixing technology that blasts through and mixes up the toughest ingredients with ease. It has a 20-ounce liquid mixing compartment and 6-ounce dry storage compartment. The Cyclone Cup is 100% BPA/DEHP-free and crafted from, non-toxic and recyclable materials.

Cyclone Cup

And I agree with the brand’s description Cyclone Cup was the last shaker I have ordered six months back and I’m still using and loving it.

The Good:

  • Build quality, it is nice and bright.
  • Design, Modern look, no rattling balls or whisks in there, Rubber sides for a better grip.
  • It blends better than any shaker available in the market.
  • There is a cool compartment that screws onto the bottom for the extra protein or pills.
  • Doesn’t leak if closed properly.

The Bad:

  • Cost (You get what you pay for)
  • Size, too wide, not a handy size.
  • A little annoying to wash, cap needs bit attention.

When you are done using your blender cup, wash it out right away and don’t seal it leave it open it, helps them last longer and never smell.

As cyclone cup has become extremely popular in the world some companies are making the clone and selling it same prices, but the quality of the product is not as the original cyclone cup so buy only genuine Cyclone Cup from the Amazon from the given links below. Here we are adding best deals on the original Cyclone Cup, you can choose your desired colour and buy now world’s best shaker.

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8.6 Total Score
Cyclone Cup a Solid Shaker that Doesn't Leak

This the best shaker available in the market, don't look at the price tag just buy it, it will last long more than any two or three shakers you buy for the same money. Close your eyes and just buy it. 😉

Built Quality
Mixing technology
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