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Transcend StoreJet External Hard Drive Review After 4 Years of Use – OLD vs NEW

4 years back in 2012, I bought this hard drive to keep the backup of my pictures and videos(memories) at the safe place. I wanted a hard drive which can survive even after falling from my table, my bag, or my pocket and this was the only solution when I bought it first.
Now in 2016 I bought it again (as I have faith in it) for the same purpose but this time, I have more data with me to backup along with the pictures, so I bought another 1 TB hard drive, the old one still works like a charm.
So, this review will be based on my 4 years of experience with the product, I will also compare the updated version with the old one and tell you the pros and cons of the product. I keep my reviews short and simple So without wasting time let’s start.

PROS and CONS of Transcend StoreJet Portable External Hard Drive


  • Build Quality, the build quality is superb.
  • Sturdy enclosure, not so bulky and not heavy, weight is just 222gm.
  • Comes with military-grade 3-stage shock protection system (Anti-shock) believe me, it can survive in most of the accidents, Once I dropped my hard drive from stairs and I thought it has gone but it still works after 4 years.
  • Anti-skid rubberized outer casing makes sure that it does not slip from anywhere.
  • There is a quick reconnect button on the hard drive that allows you to re-enable safely removed USB hard drive without unplugging and reinserting.
  • One-touch auto-backup with the button.
  • Fast USB 3.0 transfer speeds (seq read-write speed ~120MB/s).
  • Does not require an external power supply, just plug, and play.
  • Works for years (if used properly with care), My 4 years old still works.
  • Ships with a decent quality USB 3 cable.
  • Long 3 years warranty.
  • Available in many colours and design as well.


  • Sometimes gets too much hot.
  • The rubber enclosure can get damaged if not take care properly.
  • The rubber enclosure is the dust magnet.
  • Rubber enclosure feels loose on both of my hard drives.
  • A bit bulkier than other brands (but it offers additional protection too).
  • There is no doorstep RMA service in India (but you can always walk to any service centres, there are ~25 service centres in India)
  • Based on my research the failure (died) cases are more than WD but again you get 3 years warranty and my 4 years old still works fine.
  • No longer comes with a Y cable.
  • Cable length is not sufficient for the user like me (Other brands also ship small cables).
  • Look, I personally don’t like the way it looks.

Old Transcend StoreJet vs New Transcend StoreJet

  1. The build quality is improved, the outer rubber enclosure now has better quality.
  2. It is lighter than before; the new hard drive weight is 20gm less than the old hard drive.
  3. More service centre options are now available, service is being provided by Kaizen Infoserve.  Check list here.
  4. The quality of the cable is no good as before, earlier it used to come with the Y cable which does not come anymore. Cable length is also reduced in newer models.
  5. Performance (read-write speed) is also improved in new hard drives.

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8.6 Total Score
Transcend Storejet External Hard Disk - The beast which can't be beaten.

This is the best external hard drive you can buy for the price tag, as you get performance along with the protection, overall, it is the beast which can't be beaten. There are more similar hard drives by Adata which provides you more protection(waterproof) but those cost more than this so this is best you can buy if you don't want to spend more to swim with your hard drive.

Build Quality
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