Coolpad Mega 2.5D Review – Premium Phone with 3GB RAM under Rs 7000

Coolpad Mega 2.5D is one of the most premium phones available at this price tag. The best part of this phone is the 2.5D screen at the price tag of 7k only. I’ll keep this review short and simple but still If you have any query or confused about buying this item then feel free to comment here or email me for a quicker response. If you have not heard before about this brand let me tell you about the brand first.

About Coolpad

Coolpad born in 2003 and the Yulong Coolpad (parent company) was established in 1993 in Shenzhen and now Coolpad is the largest smartphone company in China and largest Chinese domestic brand by sales outside of China.

Coolpad in India

Coolpad is doing great in India, the company continue introducing the new product one by one and the best thing about them is each of them comes with an excellent price tag without compromising the product quality. The only negative part of it is they use MediaTek chips instead of Qualcomm to reduce the cost of the product.

Now the question arises what is bad in MediaTek? The answer is simple overall performance.
MediaTek is a Taiwanese company. It uses more cores in its processors. MediaTek chipsets are known to be more power draining and result in less battery life, they are particularly good at multi-tasking because of more cores but again more cores demand more RAM to give the best performance, More performance=more cores=more heat=battery drain.

Cooldpad Mega 2.5D has Mediatek MT6735P quad-core processor coupled with a 3GB RAM to make to most of it.

Let’s come to some good and bad things about Coolpad Mega 2.5D

PROS and CONS of Coolpad Mega 2.5D


  • Made in India (Manufactured by Videocon Industries Ltd)
  • Price!! yes, it is the cheapest phone on the market with these specs.
  • Looks premium, very slim, simple, and sleek arc design along with 2.5D screen.
  • Fast 3GB RAM with r/w speed of ~3000MB/s (around 2GB usable) + 16GB inbuilt Flash memory (~10GB usable).
  • Dual sim (both 4G).
  • MicroSD support upto 32GB.
  • 5.5-inch HD IPS Display (Bigger the display more the productivity).
  • Good 8MP front and 8MP rare camera for the price tag.
  • Ships with Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • UI is user-friendly, with gestures control like double-tap to wake, slide up to unlock etc.
  • Bundled with decent quality charger, micro-USB cable, screen protector and earphones. (Added picture)
  • Stock earphones output and the output from 3.5mm jack is good, you can get best of it if you tune your equalizer.
  • No heating problem.
  • A shiny power button as seen on Sony Xperia phones.


  • Non-Removable Battery and does not come with 2amp charger.
  • Get dirty easily when you hold it with wet hands.
  • The camera is popping up from the backside, only using a back cover can save it from getting scratched.
  • You get only onscreen keys, this time, no Menu, Home and Back keys.
  • Speakers on the backside of the phone and awfully bad output from the speakers, you won’t even hear it if the phone is in another room.
  • This time, there is no dedicated Micro SD card slot, you can use only one sim if you want to use your micro sd card.
  • Size, poor screen to body ratio. The phone is big, bigger than other 5.5-inch screen phones. For better understanding, I have clicked a photo with OnePlus 2 and Redmi Note 3 both devices have 5.5-inch screens along with Menu, Home and Back keys you can see how big Coolpad Mega 2.5D is.
  • No fingerprint sensor this time.
  • In some cases, UI can be laggy but it may be fixed in future updates.
  • I don’t like the read-write speed of the Internal memory, Coolpad Note has better internal memory chips. ~60MB/s read speed and 20MB/s write speed.

Other Points:

  • There is new OTA update available ~23MB, it takes almost 15 minutes to update the device.
  • It has a 2.5D screen so you won’t get full covered tempered glass for it. Most of the tempered will the small in size the same as the stock screen protector that comes with the device.
  • UI is not bloated but still, it has some pre-installed apps which can’t be removed like Amazon, 2-3 Keyboards.




7.5 Total Score
Coolpad Mega 2.5D - The Most Premium Phone with 3GB RAM under 7000

If you are looking for a premium looking slim phone at the budget price tag that this one this the best device, you can buy. The phone looks classy but a little big in size. The only thing that can disappoint you in this phone is no fingerprint sensor and dedicated Micro SD slot otherwise this phone is the best buy device at this price tag.

Build Quality
Battery Life
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